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Rules & Regulations


  1. The vendor will not organize, promote or otherwise participate in any endeavor which directly competes and/or jeopardizes the operation and well-being of the Shipshewana on the Road Events.
  2. Subletting of booth space is prohibited.
  3. JDL Corporation is solely responsible for the assignment of booth space. JDL Corporation reserves the right to reassign booth space at any time.
  4. The vendor will make prior arrangements with JDL Corporation if they are unable to set-up their booth/display during the designated set-up period for the Event.
  5. There will be a charge of an additional $10.00 (each) if electricity, tables or frames are added at the requested Event.  This charge is in addition to the listed rental rate.
  6. The vendor will move their vehicles, vans, trucks, trailers etc. to the designated vendor parking area(s) immediately after unloading during move-in. Vendors will not park in any area used for customer parking or any fire lane while the Event is open to the public.
  7. Heavy items must be carried or moved in on wheels so as not to cause permanent scratches or mars to the floors of the facility.
  8. The driving of nails, tacks, screws or use of any method of attaching materials to walls, floors or railing of the facility is prohibited.
  9. All booths/displays must be set-up and ready for business at least ONE HOUR PRIOR to the Event opening to the public on the first day of the Event. NO move-ins or set-ups will be permitted while the Event is open to the public.  You will be allowed to restock as necessary during the Event.
  10. The vendor will observe the designated Event hours and be present in their booth while the Event is open to the public.
  11. The vendor will confine all sales activities within the limits of their designated booth space. Tables, chairs and display items may not be placed in the aisle way. Television, radio, stereo, musical instruments and other sound producing items must be kept at a volume which does not disturb other vendors. The vendor must inform and cooperate with neighboring vendors prior to the opening of the Event of their intent to use sound producing equipment during the Event.
  12. The sale of any food or beverage products must be conducted in full compliance of the local health department regulations. Any licenses, permits, fees, etc., necessary for the sale of food or beverage products must be obtained by the vendor. No food or beverage product can be sold which could be considered in competition with or possible competition with the facility's concessions without the approval of JDL Corporation.  Various facilities allow the sale of these items and will charge the vendor an additional fee.  The potential fees charged by the facility will likely range between $50 per day and 30 percent of sales although these additional fees are subject to change without notice.  JDL Corporation is in no way responsible for these additional fees and failure to obtain any license, permit, fee, etc. will not result in JDL Corporation refunding any booth fees.
  13. The vendor must follow all applicable local/State/Federal laws at all times.
  14. The vendor will be responsible for the collection, reporting and payment of any and all applicable sales tax as a result of doing business during the Event.
  15. Smoking is prohibited during the Event except in designated smoking areas.
  16. Gambling of any sort, liquor, intoxicating beverages, firearms and illegal drugs are prohibited from the premises during the Event.
  17. No pets will be allowed in the exhibit area.
  18. No “banana boxes” will be allowed in the vendor space during an Event.
  19. All tables (whether rented from JDL Corporation or owned by vendor) will be skirted to the floor with fire retardant material.
  20. Booths/displays will NOT be torn down before the Event closes to the public on the final day.
  21. The vendor will remove all merchandise, products, displays etc. immediately after the Event closes on the final day. The vendor will be responsible for the removal and off-site disposal of all boxes, cardboard, refuse, rubbish, trash etc. from their booth space. The vendor will assume the cost of removal of any debris/refuse left by the vendor in or around the facility.
  22. The vendor will be responsible to replace, repair and otherwise assumes the expense for any defacement and/or damage to the facility caused by the vendor or their representatives.
  23. Vendor authorizes JDL Corporation to use the information within this Application for marketing purposes.
  24. Any errors made on this Application/Agreement will not be the responsibility of JDL Corporation.
  25. The vendor will not pin, tape, wire, staple, glue, soil, take down or in any other way modify, deface or damage the exhibit draping.  Any rearrangement of the exhibit draping will be performed by the Event decorator. The vendor will assume the cost to repair, replace and/or clean the exhibit draping as a result of their actions.
  26. If vendor chooses to pay for booth rent via credit card over the telephone, in person or any other method this Application/Agreement will be deemed as approval and will take the place of a signature on the receipt.
  27. If vendor made any payment via credit card and has not paid the full balance for Event by the due date this Application/Agreement will serve as authorization for JDL Corp. to charge any remaining balance at any time on or after the due date (30 days prior to Event) via the credit card supplied unless other arrangements have been made between JDL Corp. and vendor.
  28. Violating the Shipshewana On The Road Rules and Regulations may, at the discretion of JDL Corporation, result in fines, immediate expulsion from the Event, forfeiture of any fees paid and denial of participation in any future Events.
  29. By submitting this Application/Agreement, vendor agrees to join the Shipshewana On The Road E-Newsletter.
  30. Definition:                 Corner Booth – an 8’ x 10’ or 10’ x 10’ booth that has 18’ or 20’ of frontage.                                 In-line Booth – an 8’ x 10’ or 10’ x 10’ booth that has 10’ foot of frontage.
  31. Returned check fee:  there will be a $35 fee for all checks returned for insufficient funds or for any other reason.
  32. Cancelation fee: there will be at $25 fee if the Event is canceled by vendor for any reason.
  33. The Shipshewana On The Road Rules and Regulations are subject to the sole interpretation of JDL Corporation and may be modified and/or expanded anytime and at its sole discretion.
  34. There will be a charge of an additional $10.00 (each) if electricity, tables or frames are added at the requested Event. This charge is in addition to the listed rental rate.
  35. There will be a $35 fee for all checks returned due to insufficient funds or any other reason and a $25 fee for any Event that is canceled. Any fees paid for confirmed booth space will be forfeited if the space is canceled by the vendor within 30 days of the Event.
  36. A complete list of products must be provided as part of completing this Application/Agreement (attach separate sheet if necessary). JDL Corporation reserves the right to disallow any product(s). All products bearing logos, trademarks, etc. must be authentic and licensed by the appropriate licensing authority. Unlicensed, counterfeit, stolen or otherwise illegal products are prohibited. All goods, wares, displays and any other merchandise is understood to be at the vendor's risk. JDL Corporation, the Event sponsor, the facility, their agents and employees are not liable for damage, injury or loss to any person or goods from any cause.
  37. JDL Corporation, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Applications/Agreements. This Application/Agreement is not accepted or executed until written confirmation is received by the vendor. JDL Corporation reserves the right to terminate any agreement with any vendor at any time with or without cause. JDL Corporation shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from the rejection of any Application/Agreement or the termination of any agreement with any vendor.


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